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I am RyokoInverse! Call me Jamie. Or Butters. Or LadyKitsuneOfTheRose. I've answer to all of them. :) I am not a sports fan - though I do love swimming - but I am a Green Bay Packers fan by association. I am majoring in History and Religion and loving after minute of it. If I could, I'd stay in college forever. That's why I play the lottery. :) I love cats - especially my two little troublemakers. I am a MEGA-Nerd. If you catch sight of me, you're probably at an anime convention, Renaissance faire, bookstore, or library. I've been into books, both fiction and nonfiction, since elementary school. I've been into Anime for years, been into Doctor Who for months, and been into my most recent obsession (South Park) for weeks. Thanks D! :) And, finally, I have a site where I can profess my love of Yaoi! Huzzah! I am not sure where I am religion-wise (I study them all) and I have no idea if anything's guarding me except my stacks of books - which I sometimes fear I need protection from, lest they topple over in the night and crush me - and my brand new Kenny plushie. :)

Well that's me, in a nutshell. Wow, that's alot more words then I expected. :)

(Intro inspired by and shamelessly stolen from Tweede-Kans)

Current Residence: UNI
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop, Country, Oldies, Bluegrass, Celtic, New Age, Just about anything - but not rap.
Favourite style of art: AMVs, or just music videos since I've branched out. They're my best art. Learning others.
Favourite cartoon character: Sleeping Beauty (Aka Princess Aurora), Jack Frost (2013, though the earlier one was awesome too), Princess Merida, Princess Tiana, Cheer Bear, and Tweety Bird.
Personal Quote: There are good and evil among every kind of people. - Lucivar, Dark Jewels Trilogy, Anne Bishop

Snail People happen - Me
  • Listening to: TheFlood-TakeThat +Welcome2TheFamily-LittleBigTown
  • Reading: Fruits Basket
  • Watching: Person of Interest
  • Playing: Medieval Sims
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Cold Water

It's been a long long time, but I'm back and everything's finally settled down - more or less.  :)  I had limited access to Deviantart over the last few months - I was off in England (or Scotland) and my laptop seemed to be allergic to the site.  :(  Thus - it was a happy reunion with my desktop.  Huzzah!

I must say, traveling abroad is amazing and I'm already semi-plotting out more trips overseas - through I also wanna go to Boston and Orlando.  I have been bitten by multiple travel-bugs.  Still, the next couple weeks should help.  I'm going to Chicago and Milwaukee with a school group for free.  Wow.  O.O

That's the future, though.  At the moment, I'm all moved in to a awesome new apartment just off campus.  I'm living with my best friend and her adorable new cat - a sweetheart she's named Milton (do not give him sugar, ever).  I've got a job - it's only temporary, for the summer, but the pay is good and I love the work.  Huzzah research!  All in all, it's epic.  Plus, tomorrow's my birthday so, YAY!

Still drawing and stuff.  If I remember, one of these days, I'll haveta run my newest stuff to a scanner somewhere so I can post it.  Some of it's pretty cool.  I'm also still writing (it takes writing).  Got one epic tale going that I'm planning to turn into a trilogy.  Been working on it for a year now - still not done with book one, but that's okay.  I'm also working on another story - it's still small and I have no idea where it's going.  A South Park fanfic is also in the works, just a short little thing (I hope).  I also had another idea for a short story, so I'm playing with that a little.  Somehow, though, as I was contemplating that one, another story idea sprang away from it and now I have two.  They're multiplying, I tell you!  Finally, I should write a South Park epic-thing with an idea I've been thinking on forever.

In short, the writing will continue!  Huzzah!

Thinking about where I was on my last birthday and where I am now, it's amazing how much someone's outlook can change in a year.  It was a difficult year at times, but I managed to get through the bad stuff and still manage to have fun.  Friends help, alot.  (You know who you are)  :)  

Who knows where I'll end up this time next year?

Anyways, I must go read.  I have three hours to finish five manga - then my parents will be here and (hopefully) I'll be done with Fruits Basket.  For now.

- Jamie

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